Jessica Rose Bocko
Jessica Rose Bocko

Owner of Foxy Fido Jessica Rose Bocko Explains the Many Benefits of Rescuing a Dog Over Purchasing One

Jessica Rose Bocko, owner of Foxy Fido and avid dog rescue enthusiast, explains the benefits of rescuing a dog over purchasing one.

Across the country, rescue dogs are sitting in cages waiting to be adopted. Foxy Fido owner and avid dog rescuer Jessica Rose Bocko recently discussed why people should choose these animals as their pets over ones purchased at the pet store and from breeders.

Rescue enthusiasts like Jessica Rose Bocko explain that many shelters euthanize dogs when they need space for new entries. This means that when you rescue a dog from a shelter, you’re actually saving its life. Similarly, Jessica Rose Bocko describes that when you choose a shelter animal, you’re fighting against puppy mills.

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“You’re saving multiple lives when you choose to rescue a dog,” Jessica Rose Bocko says. “You’re saving the life of the dog you rescue, and you’re keeping your business away from puppy mills. Female dogs in puppy mills are bred as much as possible, and they often die because of this.”

Experts like Jessica Rose Bocko and others explain that puppy mills have no regulations, which means dogs often live in unsanitary and unsafe conditions. She explains that these conditions lead to the death of adult dogs and puppies as well.

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“When you choose a shelter dog, you’re also getting a dog that has been fully screened and often trained,” Jessica Rose Bocko explains. “For an extremely low adoption fee, you will usually get a dog that has already been spayed or neutered and is up-to-date on all shots. Many of them even come with free training sessions and micro-chipping.”

She explains that you save money in multiple ways when choosing a shelter pet. The adoption fee is drastically cheaper than paying for a purebred puppy, and you save even more when not having to pay hundreds or even thousands in vet fees for spay, neuter, vaccines, and more.

“One of the best parts of choosing a shelter dog is that you get to pick the one that suits you and your home,” Jessica Rose Bocko says. “The people who work at the shelter spend a lot of time with the dogs, learning about their likes, dislikes, and their personalities.

Jessica Rose Bocko explains that this is extremely advantageous for anyone looking to welcome a pet into their home. Shelter workers know if a dog is good with children, likes to chase cats, or needs a fenced-in backyard to roam. They have all the insider tips you just never know if you buy from a breeder or pet store.

Of course, Jessica Rose Bocko explains the best advantage of all is having a new best friend for life. She and other rescue experts believe rescue dogs know who saved their lives, and they show more appreciation for it. She hopes more families will forego breeders and bring shelter dogs into their lives in the coming months.

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